Crossroads Carnegie Art Center

Crossroads Carnegie
Art Center

James Dumble, a former professional electrical engineer began painting over forty years ago, beginning a "metamorphosis towards a life direction change into art and creativity." Dumble's reality of the importance of poetry and spirituality has become a serious endeavor to his creativity. His recognition begins with the viewer through personal conversations and artistic bonding with each moment changing the landscape of his work. Dumble's bold choice of color acrylic paint contrast against his subtle mark making forms. The geometric forms encapsulates the frame and creates an abstract atmosphere. Anthropoid forms subtly emerge from his paintings expressing a mystical force. The cubist landscapes give a surrealist environment along with the appearing forms; they appear as if one of Alexander Calder's mobiles floated into one of Dumble's paintings. His unique choice of mixed medias create physical depth with metaphorical layering; forgotten scraps of canvas and outdated newsprints appear more than just visual materials. Join Crossroads March 6th to artistically bond with James Dumble and take in the surrealist views.